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We’re here to make you look good… and make your life easier.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day responsibilities?

It can be stressful to balance the daily challenge of tending to day-to-day responsibilities, while working on expanding the enterprise.  Outsource the items that you are spending too much time on.

What takes up too much of your time?

YZD takes projects off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.   Remove those time-consuming projects from your desk and let us help you operate more effficiently.

How do you prioritize when everything’s a priority?

Create the space you need to be able to fuel your business with big picture clarity and be able to focus on activities that will fulfill your long-term business goals.




We are small business consultants and offer an array of services, for example…

Social Media Management
Our team can assist you in implementing   your social media culture and tone through Constant Contact and Mail Chimp e-mail campaigns, LinkedIn strategies, Facebook and Twitter social media marketing campaigns, and more.


Client Marketing
Let YZD help develop your marketing efforts by establishing and building your customer database and executing mail marketing campaigns  –from planning  to execution.
Business Development
Our experience, resourcefulness and organizational skills will help grow your business  by enhancing your public image and increasing  your market exposure.
Successful Events
With our support, your special event can be successful, and on budget.  Our event planning skills will allow you to enjoy your guests without the stress of planning your special celebration.

Optimize Your Business Today!

Let us be your bridge to success.

The possibilities are endless.


Establish and build your customer database

Organize relationship building efforts and promotional activities

Plan and execute print advertising and e-mail marketing projects

Initiate and coordinate company events, trade shows and public outreach efforts

 Implement Constant Contact/Mail Chimp, LinkedIn and Twitter social media and e-mail marketing campaigns


You can trust Yanina and be confident that she will get all the jobs done – and on time!

Edward Budd

 Former CEO, Traveler’s Insurance Company

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