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Yanina is organized, can multi-task, develops creative solutions, stays calm in crisis, and presents the office in a positive way.
Edward Budd

Former CEO, Travelers Insurance Company

We contracted with YZD Business Resources and in only a few months Yanina accomplished key initiatives such as rebranding, creating a social media presence, building a sales database and much more.
Celeste W. Barros

Founder, CWB Resource Group

I would highly recommend Yanina. She is loyal to her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure that their interests are served.
Brian Rix

President, Burke Rix Communications

Are you feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day responsibilities?

It can be stressful to balance the daily challenge of tending to day-to-day responsibilities, while working on expanding  the enterprise.  Outsource the items that you are spending too much time on.

What takes up too much of your time?

 YZD takes projects off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.   Remove those time-consuming projects from your desk and let us help you operate more effficiently.

How do you prioritize when everything’s a priority?

Create the space you need to be able to fuel your business with big picture clarity and be able to focus on activities that will fulfill your long-term business goals.

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