Meet Yanina Daigle.

YZD Business Resources, LLC,  was founded as a result of Yanina’s ability to make a difference. 

Yanina is a detail-oriented productivity professional and resourceful manager who offers essential services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, private organizations and proprietors.  Her specialties include:

  • small business services
  • special project assistance
  • business development
  • e-mail marketing
  • social media campaigns
  • event planning and management
  • client relations and community outreach
  • database management
  • start-up business services
  • trade show marketing  
  • strategic meeting coordination,
  • and more.

Thirty years of experience in a high-pressure atmosphere and as an External Affairs Manager for a leading energy company has provided her with an exceptional foundation.  She is a skilled  project manager with the highest attention to detail and invaluable experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their goals.

Yanina’s event planning experience includes management of events for international, political and local organizations.  She managed major corporate  events which highlighted the company’s success including  groundbreaking ceremonies, dedications and open houses.  Creative receptions under her direction are customized to meet unique requirements while maintaining strict budget parameters. 


Yanina is Good at Making Others Look Good.

Our clients outsource necessary but time-consuming services to us so they can spend their valuable time focusing on their core businesses and what they do best.  Achieve your objectives by letting YZD spend our time and energy on projects to help you prioritize and achieve your goals. 

Our experience, resourcefulness and superior organizational skills will help you stay on track by helping you to maintain balance among multiple priorities.  

Let us be your bridge to success. 

The possibilities are endless.

In only a few months Yanina accomplished key initiatives such as rebranding, creating a social media presence, building a sales database and much more.  She is extremely resourceful and demonstrates enthusiasm for our business. She applies a careful, thorough approach to each project while anticipating needs and offering solutions.

Celeste W. Barros

Founder and CEO, CWB Resource Group

YZD Business Resources frees you to grow your business by taking projects off your plate.

Small Business owners face the daily challenge of tending to day-to-day responsibilities, while working to expand the enterprise.  It can be overwhelming.

There are many tasks which can be better outsourced to those who can allow you to concentrate on building your core business.  Our team can save you valuable time by offering you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

We take it off your plate – so you can grow your own business!


Establish and build your customer database

Organize relationship building efforts and promotional activities

Plan and execute print advertising and e-mail marketing projects

Initiate and coordinate company events, tradeshows and public outreach efforts

 Implement Constant Contact/Mail Chimp, LinkedIn and Twitter social media and e-mail marketing campaigns

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