I have known Yanina Daigle for over twenty-five years. As a Fortune 500 CEO, we worked at top levels in a broad spectrum of organizations. The quality of the Executive Assistants made a great difference in the ease, effectiveness and pleasure of doing business. The position is best managed by someone who is organized, can multi-task, develops creative solutions, stays calm in crisis, and presents the office in a positive way. They also need the determination and stamina to get many things done – on time!

Yanina has all these qualities. She long ago mastered all the tasks we usually associate with an Executive Assistant or Office Manager. But, she does much more. She has managed the training and development of assistants reporting to her. In support of community organizations, she has managed large fundraising events that were first-class and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. This challenge required motivating, organizing and pleasing many constituencies. If she suspects something is not right, she speaks up and offers good advice. You can trust Yanina and be confident that she will get all the jobs done – and on time!

Edward Budd

Former CEO, Travelers Insurance Company

Yanina Daigle worked full-time at Competitive Power Ventures (“CPV”), most recently as a Manager in the External Affairs Group.  Her responsibilities included overseeing our CPV Educates program, supporting many of our company events and outings as well as her role in conducting community outreach for our facilities.

During Yanina’s career at CPV, she demonstrated a strong work ethic and a passion for working in the External Affairs group to help communities and constituents understand the facilities we were developing.  She was well-liked by her CPV colleagues and works well in a team-oriented environment.

Gary Lambert

President and CEO, Competitive Power Ventures 

I had the pleasure of working with Yanina for several years in my capacity as a consultant to Competitive Power Ventures, a large developer of natural gas fired power plants. We worked on a series of events and on planning and executing public outreach for the plant. As External Affairs Manager of the company, Yanina was keenly aware that it was important for the power plant that they developed in the Palm Springs region be a good corporate partner to the surrounding communities. We worked on both corporate events and on community and press relations and worked with local charities to insure that CPV not only had a good reputation in those communities but also received press recognition for their efforts.

Yanina is extremely organized and is skilled at developing and running an event on budget. She was also talented in ensuring that the guests had a wonderful time, and she has excellent all around event planning skills.

I would highly recommend Yanina. She is loyal to her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure that their interests are served. She is also delightful and a pleasure to work with even if the circumstances get difficult (we overcame a 50+ mph windstorm at one of our outdoor events).

Brian Rix

President, Burke Rix Communications

As a small business owner, my primary focus is on delivering the products and services we offer and that leaves little time for business development and growth initiatives. We contracted with YZD Business Resources and in only a few months Yanina accomplished key initiatives such as rebranding, creating a social media presence, building a sales database and much more. She is extremely resourceful and demonstrates enthusiasm for our business. She applies a careful, thorough approach to each project while anticipating needs and offering solutions.

Celeste W. Barros

Founder, CWB Resource Group, Talent Management Consulting

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